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Model Manufacturers

Hi,my name is Malcolm and I have recently decided to try modeling armor after many years of only modeling aircraft.Are there any particular model manufacturers that offer good quality kits,and conversely are there any to avoid?
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Academy, AFV Club, Bronco, Dragon/Cyber Hobby, Hobby Boss, Master Box, Miniart, Revell, Tamiya, Tasca, Trumpeter, Zvezda to just name a few. All have their good kits and all have their not so good kits (except for Tasca which are pretty much all very good but limited in scope of subject matter). The only company I have been "Staying away from" lately has been Italeri whose product in my opinion has actually gotten worse over time instead of better.

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And there, you have it.


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Hi Malcom,

Tristar also makes nice kits but also have few choices. If you want an inexpencive kit just to "cut your teeth on" and get one under your belt type build, the old Tamiya Panther D will do the trick. Just an opinion man. Lots of kits fall into that category.

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What are you interested in?
That's the big one

If you like "anything" try tamiyas new kits. Be careful as they re-release 30+ year old kits, while not bad they are not up to modern standards.

The new "300" th kit Matilda is spectacular! Very easy to build and great quality. Plus has done cool camo schemes. You may need to paint some of the suspension bits separately as they are hard to get at after assembly. Most airplane guys I know are used to painting in sub-assemblies do I figured you would be fine

Tamiyas new m51 israeli Sherman is a treat. Simplified assembly of the bogies makes this one go fast, with great detail. A perfect first tank IMO!!!

Tamiyas bt-7 russian tank, hetzer, t-55, and char b1 bis all come to mind as superbly engineered with minimal fuss.

Hope that helps.
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