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Old 06-21-2007, 09:04 PM
schlichtr schlichtr is offline
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German Pz. Grenadiers (1939-1942) Review

Well as promised here is another quick review of another MB figure kit.

Kit: Panzer Grenadiers (1939-1942) #MB3518
Manufacturer: Master Box Ltd. (MB)
Type Review: In the Box
Cost: 9.50 U.S. at DragonUSA web store
Reviewer: Roy A. Schlicht

The Kit: Yet another figure kit by the Ukrainian company Master Box Ltd (MB), this set represents some early war German Grenadiers in the mist of battle. The box is again adorned with the excellent artwork of A. Karaschuk and gives a basic rendition of the poses to expect inside the box. Looking at the sprue layout and the poses one would assume that these were actually intended as two separate kits. In earlier MB kits the figures are all interacting with one another in the same manner as Dragon kits but this kit is different. Three of the figures appear to interact with one another but not with the other four who in turn seem to compliment their own group. But as we look at the sprue again we can see that is not necessarily the case as parts for the machine gunner is on one sprue while the machine gunner himself is on the other. Again the lack of interaction between the two groups is a bit confusing but really of no importance. Now on to the parts.

The Parts: Contained in a re-sealable plastic bag are two sprue containing 99 pieces to build up seven figures. In my sample the sprue were each molded in a different color of grey plastic with one in dark grey and the other light grey.

Each figure is broken down into six basic pieces with two legs, two arms, an upper torso and the head along with the equipment and weapons needed to outfit the fighting man. The molding is again very good with good crisp detail but the heads, as with most plastic model figure kits, could use replacing with some resin aftermarket types.

Some clean up and filling will be necessary as there is some minor flash through out and the head gear again suffers from minor sink marks (this is appearing to be MB trade mark). The weapons are the standard Mauser KAR 98K for the riflemen, MG 34 for the machine gunner and MP 38 for the squad leader. The molding of the weapons is good but not as nice as some of the other manufacturer’s weapons. The ammo pouches for the 98K ammo seem to be a bit undersized and lack detail. Also included are a drum magazine and two belts of ammo for the MG 34, a pistol in holster (Lugar P/08) and one stick grenade (odd, only one).

Conclusion: Another nice early war figure set by MB that one could undoubtedly find several uses for. I would rate this kit 3.5 stars out of 5 with the flash through out and sink holes in the head gear being the two biggest detractors. With new heads and weapons these will be hard to beat. The lack of interaction between all the figures is a personal opinion as others may find they all interact just fine. Happy modeling.

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Old 06-21-2007, 09:29 PM
Evan August Evan August is offline
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Thanks Roy, some nice looking figures, and the box art is great!
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Old 06-21-2007, 11:07 PM
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Nice review....I would think a few sink marks/dents in the helmets would look realistic but I know what you mean... The box art is really well done.....

Looks like a decent set though.....thanks!


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