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Help needed

could anybody please give me a clue as to how i can remove acrylic paint from clear plastic (windows) parts

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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Use Denatured Alcohol and a qtip, it's the only way
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Depends a bit.... is the clear part still separated from the vehicle? If so and if it is acrylic paint you probably could get results by holding it under the running tap with a bit of warm water and scrubbing it with a toothbrush.

You could give stripping it with ovencleaner like Mr Muscle a try but I have no clue if that stuff actualy attacks the transparency of the plastic. It doesn't seem to do a thing with normal plastic. So if you do this it might be wise to test it first with a bit of leftover sprue

If it is already on the vehicle the only suggestion I have or you is carefully scraping the stuff away and shoot the whole window wit clear laquer afterwarths. I have had great results in getting scrapes on windows and clear resin better that way.

This water was saved with clear laquer. The resin stuck to the dam I made from evergreen and was not plannin to lego... So I had to carve the dam off. Leaving the sides damaged and not transparent anymore... And somehow I touched the thing with wet fingers and I saw the resin becoming transparent again... And this gave me the idea that it might just work with Clear laquer. And it did.
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the parts in question are the side windows of a lancaster bomber that i forgot to mask so yes they are on the model and very small
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Try Windex on a q-tip. That will take acrylic off of plastic, just be careful you don't take off more than you intend!

Good luck!
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with brake fluid
Transylvania Model Army
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Maybe you try to use some polish Remover for acrylic paints "Wamod". You can buy it here: http://www.jadarhobby.pl/advanced_se...2a&language=en
I think that this remover is perfect.
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