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hi guys. i just got the stoage set for my m8 and its resin.
do u have to put a coat of primer on teh resin before u can paint it thanks guys
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the most important thing to do when preparing resin for painting is making sure all the release agents are gone. wash the piece in slightly warm soapy water, making sure you dont break off any small parts. leave this to dry completely. then what i do is give it a nice thin layer of grey automotive primer. then paint it how you wish.

if you arent used to working with resin, the biggest concern is the dust. resin dust is an irritant, and damages the lungs. so always make sure its wet if sanding or cutting. i usually do it under a gently running tap. over a sieve incase any parts break etc.


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Like what Joe said, but I would add another reason and that would be too check for any artifacts left from the molding process, ie: stuff/detail missing/bubbles or worse added resin chips and other protruding anomalies..
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I prime all my models, resin or otherwise with Floquil Weathered Black. This serves 3 purposes: 1) The obvious, it primes the model before painting, 2) it provides a dark basecoat for shadow effects, and 3) It replicates rubber for the tires. Hope this helps.

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