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I am building an LVT from Italeri with a Trax conversion. Both of the tracks broke after they where on the vehicle. Does anyone know if someone makes separate track links for these vehicles?
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:angry: I wish someone did!....Dave Harper we need your help!
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accurate armour have some in their trakpax range, they are flexible resin tracks, not bad, but not to everyones taste.

ive also read that fruil will be releasing some at some point.


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I too have been eagerly awaiting the Fruil LVT (WWII) tracks. They have been delayed for almost a year I believe. I recently heard that they were having trouble producing them. They are a very tricky track to produce, especially in white metal. The two sets of resin tracks that I've seen are really terrible! I don't mean to insult or offend anyone, just speaking the truth.

I would love to see some really nice tracks for the LVT's, but the kit tracks are not all that bad after you paint and weather them.

I saw someone use a set of Photo-etch and resin or white metal tracks in an Italian magazine last month, could not figure out if the tracks were a one off or a product for sale.
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