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Decals, what a pain in the __! almost every time i build a kit the decals let it down because they have a gloss finish. Ive tried many things to give it a matt finish but nothing seems to work! ive tried tamiya clear, humbrol matt coat, tamiya weathering pastel things, mig pigments, humbrol decal fix and loads more. i really need some help as i really really dont want to ruen my 1/35 leopold im working on.
if you guys could please give me some ideas that would be GREAT!
incase you need to know i use Tamiya acrylics airbrushed on and vallejo model colour acrylics for brush/detail work.

Thankyou in advance

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Hi James,

I had a lot of problems with matt varnishes, too. In the end, I started using Vallejo Model Air matt varnish, applied using an airbrush. Works a treat for me.
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I always put my decals on a satin or gloss surface, treat them with a few coats of microscale sol and again a coat of satin or gloss. Works really good for me, and decals looks like they are painted on.

Here is how I go to work:

I airbrush my model with the chosen basecoat, but I add about 25% of gloss or satin varnish. I also do that with the camouflage colors if used.
the next day, I add the decals, and use the sol setting solution to get the decals to adhere round details and creases. With the setting solution on, the decals look like they are ruined but that is normal at this point. When the solution is completly dry you will see the result. A few passes with the sol solution may be needed. After the decals or completly dry, I again shoot some diluted satin or gloss coat over the decals. Next up , you can start the weathering process, and if wanted, shoot some matt varnish over the model.
After the weathering and matt varnish treatment, no more silvering of the decals.


I use Tamiya acrylics and Valleyo air for the basecoats.

Hope this helps you a bit.

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decal shine

if you thin clearcoat gloss enamel and apply to the decal location in several coats keeping the area coverd to the size of the decal then apply decal and soak up exess water press down on decal with moist paper towel removing microscopic air bubbles this method I HAVE USED FOR EVER AND IT WORKS
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ive just done a quick one day build of an f16 fighting falcon in digital camo and got some vallejo matt it worked very well. thanks guys
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