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Sturmgeschuetz Group Build (closed) StuG III Ausf.G DML Smart Kit - PA Group Build

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Old 02-08-2008, 05:49 AM
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Okay folks. This is my kickoff to Sturmi project.

As I earlier said I'm gomma make finnish sturmi usin dragon early Stug III G SK. Started it today. Make some suspension and yeah that's the boring part of project. Haven't made up my mind yet which version to make. 531-6, -12 and -19 have been on top of the list. MIAG versions with bolted armor. With or without logs is THE question. Not gonna make concrete reinforcements, that much I know. Things that I have to make anyway are:

-Box and it's rack on rear deck
-sparewheels on side of fighting comparament(not if I put logs)
-bigger hole on loades shield for DT tank-mg
-move start-crank on rear plate
-replace s-hooks with c-hooks

I still have time to deside cause I can build lower hull Ootb. Only replace those injected muffler shields more scale. Use pe or make by my self from aluminium sheet. Magic tracs go for spares parts cause I'm gonna use friul solid horn tracks(most sturmis had em). Pics to come..

Cheers Mikko

P.S. Laz I'm gonna blow your doubts about this project to moon..


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