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Lightbulb More T-72 questions...

Hi again!
Can someone tell me what are the main differences between the T-72B and M?
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Sorry for the delayed post, I just read it tonight....

I have some info from a Concord Publications book about the T-72s...by Steven Zaloga. The book has no page numbers so I will just quote the text.

"The standard production model of the T-72 tank is the T-72B, also sometimes called the T-72B46. This version had many internal changes from the initial T-72A, including the newer 2A46 125mm gun with kasetka (cassette) horizontal ammunition autoloader. Externally it is easiest to identify by the location of the infrared searchlight which is on the right side of the gun tube, rather than on the left as was the case with the T-64 and T-72A (DoD)."

"The final production version of the T-72B was the T-72B(M). The T-72B(M) had an added layer of applique armor on both sides of the turret front. This was not a very common version of the T-72, and was soon replaced by the T-72M family."

"The T-72G was a special version of the T-72 family developed for foreign manufacture. It is sometimes also called the T-72M, but it differs from the soviet manufactured T-72M in many respects. The T-72G was manufactured in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and India. Like the T-72M, it has a larger rangefinder, and is not fitted with a right side optical port for the older optical rangefinder...."

"The soviet equivilent of the T-72G is the T-72M . Like the T-72G, the T-72M has a laser rangefinder TPD-1 sight, and lacks the right side optical port. However, the T-72M has heavier frontal armor than the T-72G, probably using new advanced ceramic inserts in a cast steel cavity."

And, based on what I know, the T-72Bs had small horizontal fold able side skirts where the T-72Ms had much larger plastic side skirts (like the Tamiya T-72M kit). Also the T-72B had lowered handholds on the front side of the turret...the ammo boxes on the T-72M were vertically mounted whereas on the T-72Bs they were horizontally mounted as well as fire extinguishers were added to the top of the turret on the T-72Ms.

The tracks were the "live" type.

Hope this helps....if you need some photos scanned, let me know.

Regards, Paul
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yeah, some photos would be nice! thanks for the info so far!
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