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Hi Guys,

under this topic I want to share the technique I use to make non-working hinges in 1/35 scale.

I start off with a piece of thin brass, usually I just use the frames from some PE's:

Then I use a wire in the correct diameter, in this case a .3mm (0.011) steel wire. Then I bend the brass up and around the wire:


Then I use pliers and press the brass together close to the wire. I also slide the wire back and forth a bit to make sure there is enough room for it. And then I sand and clean the surface a bit to remove any traces from the pliers:

Then I cut the brass in the correct size for the mounting point, leaving only the mounting point and the hinge tube. To make the mounting point a bit thinner you can also divide the two segment a bit with a hobby knife and cut off the lower part:

Then I glue or solder the first part of the hinge in place:

Then I cut off another part of brass to simulate the second mounting point and glue or solder it in place:

That is the basic technique I use to make hinges. What remains to be done are the small bolts for the mounting points and the cuts or engraving on the tube of the hinge.

This is only the technique that I use and there are of course a lot of other ways to achieve the same thing.

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and thanks!

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you are a good modeller

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Hi Ambjoern,

Thanks for your sharing technique
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