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OK on the 251 when the vision blocks were in the raised position did the armored glass go with the visor or stay in place?

I can find pics that seem to indicate both were possible, yet it seems more common that the visor and glass raised together?

Can someone clarify?

See pics:

Raised no glass in hole

Raised and glass appears to be lowered still

Inside shot in which it appears 3 visors are up but glass is lowered

And more raised with no apparent glass in the hole

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Hi Donovan,

I have looking at my collection pictures...

See the below Vision Block in Closed position...noted the Vision Block with the glass...

The view from the Drive compartment...noted the Vision Block is up with the armor plate...

The view from the vehicle front...

Hope it can help!!!

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Hi Blokes.

Donovan, a great question.

The armoured glass is part of the armoured cover, as you can see in the shots you posted and they open & close as one unit.

There is a windscreen that the driver can install, and it is held in by the bottom lever. This windscreen even has a mini wiper! In Spielberger's book on the Half Track is a clear external shot of an 251 A with this windscreen installed on page 111.

Foto via Don Campbell.

Cheers, Willy.
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Hey fellas thank you for clearing that up I was getting a bit confused to be sure.

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