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weathering reference

I've been thinking about this for a little while; how about a thread that covers weathering on vehicles. I don't mean a ton of small b/w pics but clear photographs that show us modelers how things are actually weathered. I know weathering is often a personal taste thing, but for the most part most things weather fairly similarly (metal after heat stress, bent metal, scrapes, paint/primer/underlying material, foot traffic's affect on paint, etc.). My thought was that (besides modern military equipment) farm and construction equipment would be a good example of how machines that work for people and in the elements are weathered.

I work on a farm with a decent selection of equipment. If there would be an interest in such a thread, i would be happy to shoot pictures of our equipment and explaining it's age, use, and where it is most of the year (inside, the high desert, or the rain/damp NW). I am off to my annual Lenten absence here (and on all the other forum i frequent), so to contact me you'd have to shoot me an email or ask one of the OHMS guys to let me know.

Your thoughts?

OHMS, Portland OR

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Agreed. As a young progressing modeler this ould be very helpful!
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I for one would love to see that as well. Since I am a rookie in these areas it would be nice to see a bunch of reference photos.

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Absolutely. There is a thread on M/L about "magnetic stowage" that is similar. Looking at real equipment, whether it's bulldozers or pickup trucks, will show where mud accumulates and where it falls away, how road spray builds up, wear patterns, "clean" patterns, and so on. A rail freightyard is a fantastic place to study rust, too.

Scott Fraser
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I've thought about doing the same thing with rust--taking a series of photos of brake rotors and various other metal components (painted or unpainted too) sitting outside to illustrate what rust looks like at specific times of exposure and how fast or slow it progresses. I work at a car-repair facility, so access to the material is easy, I just haven't done it yet...

I personally think that one thing that I think a lot of modelers fail to consider when weathering models--especially WW2 subjects--is the lifespan of their subject. Your average modern-day bulldozer or excavator that you see on a construction site is probably at least 10 or more years old and has been "ridden hard and put away wet" for most its whole life. Your average tank in WW2 probably had a lifespan measured in months. Yes, continuous combat action would put a toll on the equipment, but certainly not to the extent that many modelers depict. Keep in mind that the ENTIRE northwest European campaign--D-Day to V-E Day was eleven months long!

Yes, all those chipped up, beat up, and rusted up models look awesome and look artistically really cool, but realistically they're probably way off-base. The classic example of this are just about any model of a late Jagdtiger--many of them rolled off the assembly line and surrendered without even firing a shot.

BTW--Note that I am not talking about mud, dirt, and dust.

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Lots of earth moving equipment not far from where I live but it's all been used in the mining of iron ore so it's shinny and red or rusty and red .
I'll take a rip around on the bike and see if any is of use to the hobbyist .
Regards Coops

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Hoi, i'm back. Once it stops raining here in the NW, i'll start taking some pictures. Add my farm stuff to other people's construction and mining and earth moving stuff, and that would be a nice reference i think. And if people have any closeups of Military equipment that would be sweet too.

OHMS, Portland OR

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1/72 Has. HAF F-4E
1/72 Has. F-16D-52 RSAF
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