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Old 08-19-2009, 10:42 PM
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Did the Western Allies do their part...


I have always realized that the Western Allies did indeed not face the majority of the German Wehrmacht. But i always had the notion that they did face a higher percentage of armored units. So i did a quick count (German Order of Battle III) and came up with the following:

June-July 1944:
Western Front - 18.5 armored units (of which 5.5 in Italy)
Eastern Front - 28.5 armored units
So 39% vs. 61%

December-January 1944-45:
Western Front - 18 (of which 3 in Italy)
Eastern Front - 31
So 37% vs. 63%

I stuck to counting only full divisions, not the partially formed/equipped units popping up from mid-1944 on.

Interestingly if one looks only at "Fire Brigade" type units (Lehr, GD, HG, 1st rate SS formations) it is:
June-July 1944
W - 8.5
E - 4.5


Anyway, i just found it interesting to see where the armored formations fought. This did prove to me that the Western Allies indeed dealt with their "fair" share of fully mobile 1st rate units (especially when considering the amount of front line West vs. East). I'm not saying that the Russians did not deal with the majority of the Wehrmacht, but i would like to see the Western Allies get a bit more credit for what they did in 1944 and 1945.

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Old 08-19-2009, 11:33 PM
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LOL, good topic Ruud .

I like the one that statistical armor losses increase when the ratio of armor to men increases above 6 tanks per 1000 men. Or the one that shows being a British tank crewman was more deadly than being a crewman in any other army .
The first is because armor was used in concentration at the point of an attack [more than 6 per 1000] or in reply to an attack. If things were static tanks were not held on the battle field but pulled back for servicing.
The second was the desire by the British to bust open the German lines in Normandy. Tank losses by the British were staggering with the Germans showing what happens to less than satisfactory armor used outside it's design limitations.
Regards Coops

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