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Following a recent get together with fellow modellers Sam, Willy, Mic, BT etc the topic of this recently released film was raised. Generally it was well regarded though lacking some euthentic details. I got along to see it myself on Monday and I was pretty empressed. Generally fine acting, good story/plot and very well shot.

I should also add that I jumped out of my seat more than once and the general tension of close jungle warefare had me on tender hooks through out, making me generally uncomfortable and tense. Whilst this may sound like a critisim it is not. The depection of Japanese troops was interesting(you never see a clear shot of a face), they were brutal and this was displayed with the bayoneting and beheading of prisioners. I would think that it is pretty much general knowledge as to the nature of how the japanese conducted themselves during the Malaya and New Guinea so I wont labor the point.

The real story of the film is the the hell of the jungle close quater fight, the strugle by a small detachment (part of 39 battalion)to regain Isurava, a forward base on the Kokoda track and their eventual relief by regular Australian forces that had prevoiusly been fighting in the Middle East (the 39th were non regular troops with poorer levels of equipment).

Now I know that it probably wont be for general release outside of Australia, but if it is later released on video you may wish to see it.

Sam and Willy have you seen the film yet?
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Gday Bones..

No, still havent seen the movie, too many kits, not enough time!!

The day this is work, the love of it dies.
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