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has anyone built either the new tooling firefly or M4A4 from DML?

ive got the two kits in the post, and was wondering if there are any problems or anything that needs correcting etc


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I'm just about finished with the new firefly, and it's a good kit that suffers mainly from a few things left out. While there are backs for the roadwheels, there are none for the idlers, the mounting plates for the bogies aren't mentioned in the instructions but are included in the kit, I didn't find a rear hull first aid box, and I believe that the numbers for the idler mounts are reversed in the instructions.
As for fit, my kit had a substantial step between halves of the turret which required a good deal of filling and sanding to fix. Also, the drive sprocket looks like it is mounted about 1mm too high. When you put on tracks with the stock sprocket, you can see the track run sloping down from the sprocket to the first bogie, which isn't right. I repositioned it on my kit and everything looks OK. If you're a rivet counter or prone to AMS, the barrel appears to be about 5mm or 6mm too long.
All in all, despite the list above, it's a pretty good kit, just a little annoying.
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