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submerged Panther

i have an old Tamiya panther im going to "chop to give it a sunken effect is it possible to make a diorama of it in a ri ver almost completely submerged in water? if so how should i make the water
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Miguel/MIG did one where the Panther has slid or been push down an embankment and is laying on it's side with the barrel in the water. I don't remember the story on how he did it. He also did a water/ice dio where a Tiger of the 502 battalion had broken through. I had a quick squiz about and you can start here by asking.
Good luck mate.

Somewhere to start
Somewhere to look Missing Lynx Mig's photos
Panther = http://missing-lynx.com/gallery/german/migpanthg.htm
Tiger = http://missing-lynx.com/gallery/german/migtiger.htm
Regards Coops

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I've seen some great water themed dioramas. One that may offer help and inspiration is this one I've been looking at on the Mig forums.


There is also guy over on armorama who does a lot of original dioramas, most have a military slant of some sort, but nearly everything is scratch built. His name is Jean-Bernard Andre under the callsign JBA. Here is a list of his features. Many have water involved but in any case it's a joy to read and see the artistry and originality he brings to the subject.

Hope it helps

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