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Panther Help.....

Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember the befehlspanther A that I started on last year ( http://www.planetarmor.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2776 ) but I am in need of some of your assistance. I started out this project with a "look" in mind in hopes of finding the perfect references along the way. I am essentially now at a loss as I cannot find a suitable early A command tank to model this vehicle after. I have a couple of pics of early A command tanks but I know there must be many other examples out there from Italy and Russia. If anyone can chime in with some pics I would be very much in debt to you. I had designs of an eastern front vehicle but am more open now as the references seem slim. I am fine with making changes to the model to conform. I am planning to remove the wire from the barrel and will remove the spare tracks from the turret or change around the skirts a bit here and there if I can find a good reference to build. These are simple changes and I am willing to make these and others I just need some early A command vehicles to look at. Thanks again.....
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Early A befehlsPanthers

Hi I know SS wiking used alot of early A Befehls One was command vehicle IInd Battalion 5th SS Reg and it carried Yellow II02 tac no also i think there was another HQ troop Tac no white R01. IIO2 was plain Dunkelgleb Hope this helps. I'm looking for Befehls D with zim if you Know of any, cheers Geraint
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post edited : My first answer was very enthusiast as I could swear there was zillions of them around then I saw yours is an early Panther. Most of the tanks I hought of are later versions. Hopefully we're still left with quite some choice.
Here are a few of them (sorry can't find the time to scan pics right now) :
-I02 from Pz rgt 4, Italy. All yellow.
-a "white 155" from a ss pz rgt, probably Das Reich, France . yellow too.
- a "white II00" with whitewash.
Grossdeutschland also had some but I'm not sure they were zimmerited.

Just think of a Panzer Regiment that received Panthers after September 43 and you have a winner with R01-R02 or I01-I02 ...

PS : about Wiking Panthers I'm afraid they are later versions with the ball hull MG, not the "letterbox". Zimmerited Befehls Ausf D will be very hard to find I'm afraid as only a few Ds were zimmerited.
PPS : in fact yours has to be produced in September-October November 43 which gives us a total of 32 Befehls Panthers built ... this is the maximum of course. Probably less athan that. Not that much choice indeed !

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I did some research yesterday and here we are.
My mistake as "155" is a D, not an A.
we have 5 (or 6) units that received panthers at the time these early As were made.
I.Pz Rgt 4 and one can se them in Italy. Here's the "I02"
The others were on the Eastern front.
II. Pz Rgt 23 and here's the whitewashed II00/
I. Pz Rgt 2.
I Pz Rgt 1.
I.Pz Rgt 31
possibly I ssPzRgt 2.

I'm afraid I only have pics of I02 and II00.
all we can do with the other units is guess.
This could be troublesome as even if the codes are supposed to be R01 or I01 some unit commanders chose another way (like using a number that's not used normally).
Probably all I can do to help you at this moment.
Remember we're talking about 20 (max :30) tanks so barely enough for 4 Panzer Regiments.


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