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2008 AMPS International Convention: Special guest speakers

2008 AMPS International Convention
Special Announcement

The 2008 AMPS International Convention Show Committee is honored to announce special guest speakers for the April 10-12, 2008 show at the WW2 Victory Museum in Auburn, IN.

We have received confirmation from three WW2 tank combat veterans of different nations who will speak at the show. Not only did these three experience combat and can relate their wartime experiences, but each is thoroughly conversant with their particular vehicles and the tactics involved.

1) Mr. John "Jack" Irvin (USA). US 3rd Armored Division, ETO, 1945. Mr. Irvin wrote about his experiences as a 20-year old gunner aboard M4A3 Shermans and the T26E4 "Super Pershing" during the final months of the European landwar in his memoir "Another River Another Town". He has spoken to current US Army tankers in training and has graciously agreed to speak to our show attendees.

2) Mr. Gerry Chester (UK). North Irish Horse tank regiment, Tunisia and Italy 1943-1945. Mr. Chester has compiled a stirring narrative of his combat experiences -- serving as a wireless operator in several marks of the Churchill tank in the Mediterraean. His unit killed German Panthers and Tigers using the oft-misunderstood Churchill Infantry tank. Mr. Chester has frequented the various AFV modelling forums, adding his first-hand knowledge of the Churchill tank and British operations in general in the MTO. Previously residing in Arizona, Mr. Chester now travels between various friends and family -- spanning several countries. He'll make a "stopover" to Indiana next April.

3) Mr. Wolfgang Kloth (Ger). 2nd Panzer Division (Heer). Eastern Front 1943-1945. Mr. Kloth joined the German Wehrmacht in 1943 and was posted as an officer candidate, commanding Panzer IIIs and Panzer IVs in the East. Wounded several times, he eventually was returned to train crews in Stug IIIs. He finished the war as part of the armor contingent in the surrounded Kurland pocket having spent his entire career fighting the Russians. After Soviet captivity, he escaped E Germany to the West, eventually emigrating to the USA in 1951. Mr. Kloth is an active advisor and friend to re-enactment and modelling groups in the Midwest.

Please join us for this extremely unique opportunity to hear three surviving WW2 tankers share their experiences and speak about the action and stories behind the models to which we're so devoted. We've not heard of any other forum where a this once-in-a-lifetime collection of WW2 vets has gathered to speak and have Q & A. Mark your calenders!

Stay tuned as more announcements about guest speakers are quickly forthcoming.
Roy Chow
2008 AMPS International Show Chairman
April 10-12, 2008 WW2 Victory Museum, Auburn IN

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