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Building the new Trumpeter LCM(3) kit may be an interesting project. Are there any suggestions for references related to this craft? I have Squadron's US Landing craft in action as well a few miscellanous stock photos. Ideas for sources for more detailed photos or scale drawings would appreciated.
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I understand that there are many talented individuals researching this topic, but I could not resist chiming in and telling you what I have recently learned. If any of you know me, you understand my obsession with the garage kit side of our hobby, but I also have an insane obsession for the early stages of D-day. I try to pick up any book I can find on the opening hours of that historic day.

Recently my wife and I flew out to Boston and while there we frequented many used book stores. On one of our trips I happened upon "Down Ramp!" This book gives a chronological look at the development of Army Amphibian Engineers. It is priceless!

From this book I learned the following. Immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Army and Navy battled with dividing the duties of ship to shore landings. Eventually an agreement was struck and the Army activated the Engineer Amphibian Command at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts. This camp is not far from Cape Cod.

Well to say the least the Army worked directly with the Navy in developing new techniques for breaching beaches, how to get equipment on the beaches, and placement of guns on the craft to name just a few. They also invented the sea sickness pill at Camp Edwards.

I will not drone on and repeat information that you all already know, but I wanted to pass along something that I recently learned.

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Heya, Tawa,

What do you think of the kit...?

Don't seem to be hearing from many people who own it...

Looking forward to purchasing it, but gotta wait 'till the money is there.

I wonder if the Italeri kit will be any better...?

So the Army invented sea sickness pills, huh, Yancy? That's pretty cool! Ya learn something new every day!!


Johnny B.
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