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Thanks for the info.

That's the only photo I could find. I will post if I find more.


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You can find a review of the plusmodel 4x4 conversion here


Look for "Opel Blitz 4x4 Ambulance Conversion
Get Kranky! - A Detail Appraisal of Plus Model's"
Very useful for the frame parts.

Which italeri kit did you plan to use ? because, all the frame are 2x2.

I can give you the link to my conversion using scratch, but please, do not laugh too loud

I also have a lot of picture from opel blitz 4x4 is you find them useful.
I've found a french site using plusmodel conversion, but seems that the page RIP now (i should have it on my HD).
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Thanks for your support and helpful infomration. Pictures of the 4x4 version would be great!

I plan to use the standart kit: German Truck 3 (t) Type S, and will convert it with the plusmodel set into a A Type.

Cheers and thanks
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Wink Here it is

Here is some of the picture i know or suppose are allrad opel blitz.
I found them here and there on the web and so, don't remember where i found them.
As it seems that some comes from books, if it's a problem, just tell me, i will remove them.

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Thanks for the nice pictures. They are very helpful for my project. I still wait for some of the aftermarket parts, but will begin soone with this project.

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