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Old 03-16-2010, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Coops View Post
G'day Andy .

No, no!! Don't get me wrong, I loved Hurt Locker and think it's a must see movie for 2010. It's hard not to enjoy the cowboy-esk nature of Sgt. James . I cracked up after he ditched his PPE at the car bomb and thought "yeah baby!", balls 'n all work ethic .

Good to hear mate, this is one high on my list, well it's the next film I'll be seeing [f'n flick-chicks and teen girl movies are giving me PMT!!!! BTW, PMT = Prime Man Time and the need to see action!! LOL.

'Leon, the professional' is a top flick and I didn't see any of the pediphillia under tone that was in 'Dirty Dancing', LOL. I only put that in 'cause the boss was hot on Patrick Swayze and I bag her all the time about "Baby" being de-flowered by "Swayze", hahaha.
How's it goin', Steve. . .

I got to take my son to see "Green Zone" after taking the girls to see "Percy Jackson" (Uma Thurman played a smokin'-hot Medusa) the previous weekend so I got to balance things out a bit. But then I was already on track after watching "The Kingdom" (Great to see J. Garner kick some a--) and "Jarhead", etc.

I'm with you - I didn't get any pedo under/overtones to that movie at all. I saw Leon more as a simple sort of guy, almost a idiot-savant at killing. I thought of him as protecting Matilda like a gentle giant - any of those thoughts would be the furthest thing from his mind. It was almost like he had Asberger's or something - his rigorous routine indicated a simple-minded approach to things. Maybe it's a retrospective thing given that Nat Portman grew up to be such a classically beautiful woman and was also pretty as a little girl.

Yeah, "Dirty Dancing". . . RIP Patrick Swayze, but don't get me started on how utterly corny that movie was. The "Time of My Life" was wondering how far my eyes would roll back in my skull. His character was what, in his twenties? And "Baby" is what, 14? Not only that, but the story left no doubt that he shoplifted the pootie...

BTW, saw the first part of "The Pacific" last night - looks like it will shape up to be another Hanks/Spielberg project worthy of owning on DVD.

"The World has taken a turn for the surreal. . ."

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Old 03-16-2010, 09:28 AM
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"Percy Jackson" (Uma Thurman played a smokin'-hot Medusa)
Wow you were not kidding. That girl is looking so tasty these days .
I and the kids liked PJ, it was ok if you just forgot everything other than it was just a movie 'n not a history lesson LOL.

RIP Patrick Swayze
Ditto to that mate. Roadhouse would have to be in my top 20 list. Roadhouse is like dirty dancing but for da boys!
Quote of the day "I thought you would be bigger" hahaha.
Regards Coops

Life's so very funny, you just need to remember to laugh [note to the clowns].

Why would the clowns not let people into the tent? What's the point of the show if they don't? .
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