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Old 01-04-2008, 03:33 AM
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Here's what I would like for 2008!..

Key being accurate and good fit..

* Grille H and Grille M
* PzKpfw 35t
* Neubaufahrzeug IV
* Wirbelwind
* Brummbar - both early and late
* PanzerJager Ib
* Bison I
* Bison II
* PzKpfw II Ausf a,b,c
* PzKpfw III Ausf E/F/G/H
* Bergepanther Ausf A/D
* SdKfz 252 with interior and ammo trailer

* T-26 series - over 12,000 were produced and there's no decent kit of it!

French - they have some very interesting camo schemes.
* FCM 36 and variants - Germans captured 50 of these and used them as well as converted 10 to Marder Is and 12 with 10.5cm SPG.
* Char 2C and Char 2D
* Panhard 178
* Renault R35 and R40

* Matilda series - sorely missing British tank used by the Brits, Aussies and Russsians


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