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I received this in my e-mail in box and thought some of you may gat a grin out of it as I did.
rgds stevo

Many people are at a loss for a response when someone says,"you know jack schitt." Now you can intellectually handle the situation.

Jack is the only son of Awe schitt and O.schitt.

Awe schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O.schitt, a partner of Kneedeep & schitt inc.

In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe schitt,and the deeply religious couple produced 6 children: Holie Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Giva Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins: Deep schitt and Dip Schitt.

Against her parents objections, Deep Schitt married Dumb Schitt, a high school drop out. After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced.

Noe Schitt later married Mr Sherlock, and because her kids were living with them she wanted to keep her previous name.

She was known as Noe Schitt Sherlock.

Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt and they produced a nervous son, Chicken Schitt.

Fulla Schitt and Giva Schitt were inseperable throughout childhood and subsequently married the Happens brothers in a dual ceremony.

The wedding announcement in the newpaper announced the Schitt-Happens wedding.

The Schitt-Happens children were Dawg, Byrd, and Hoarse. Bull Schitt, the prodical son, left home to tour the world.

He recently returned from Italy with his new bride Piza Schitt.

So now if someone says, "you don`t know Jack Schitt", you can correct them. Not only do you know Jack, you know all the family!
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