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Old 02-12-2005, 10:21 PM
gordy gordy is offline
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Tonight February 12th at midnight Central Time the board is shutting down for upgrade preperation. This will “Freeze” the database of all the present content and will ensure there is no loss of data.

The board will remain visible except for:
Registrations disabled
Reply is disabled
New Topic is disabled

We ask that any changes in your Profile are withheld until the freeze is over and the board is finally cut-over to the new version.

I will be creating a temporary forum to use while the conversion is in process, any posts and replies within the temporary forum will not be carried over.

Roadmap of conversion:

Disable new registrations
Clean up of categories (tentative)
Close board breifly for database backup
Freeze forums for new posts and replies
Create new forum for temporary posting
Install mirror board
Import data into mirrored board
Upgrade board to latest version
Final touchups and tweaks
Create new vBench system
Merge existing forums used as vBenches to new vBench system

I cannot place an estimated time for the entire cut-over process nor will I, as operations such as these tend to take 3 times longer than expected!

Rest assure, it will be a dramatic improvement
I will post updates as the conversion progresses.
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Old 02-12-2005, 10:25 PM
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James Tainton James Tainton is offline
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alright look forward to the upgrade.

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