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New Guy Guidance!!

Greetings All.

I have just found a great intrest in Armor modelling now. I have been building for about 5years now and have been mostly 1/48 Modern A/C and WWII luftwaffe along with a touch of ships here and there. But have the Bug for Armor now after seeing a Sherman and a T-34 I thought was real. My Intrest is in German Tank Destroyers and SP Guns and Russian as well. My most important question is what is a good guide or starter kit for Paints and stuff for a new guy in the genere above. Also I think my first kit will be the Tamiya Jagdtiger, would this be a good starter kit or an Italeri Elefant or Cyber Stug F. Thanks in advance for some replies and eagerly await.
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I recommend starting out with a tamiya kit... Especially the newer ones. Great engineering and fit. Italeri can be hit or miss.
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P.s. Any paint will do, airplane paint works on armor as well
I recommend Vallejo because it's waterbased and brushes perfectly... Airbrush or handbrush! Plus no "knockout odor"
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Well since you have been modelling for 5 years I honestly do not think you need a good "Starter" kit. The basics are the same, make sure the parts are clean and the fit is good. Test fit a couple of times before applying cement. Remove seams ect. ect. Same with the paint. Big difference is you get to really dirty up your model now if you wish. Any of the newer Tamiya kits are good as they are well engineered and the fit is top notch (for the most part), the down side of Tamiya kits (and this holds true with their newer releases as well) is the abundance of ejector pin marks. For the most part they get them in places not really noticable but not always. Trumpeter kits are pretty good value also (especially their KV-1 series). Stay away from Italeri, not only are their kits excessively expensive they are not that well engineered (and I am talking about their newer stuff). Just go with what interest you and have fun. You soon be on your way.

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"have fun, build a model"...

works for me.


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Originally Posted by ranchhand View Post
I recommend starting out with a tamiya kit... Especially the newer ones. Great engineering and fit. Italeri can be hit or miss.

I started doing armor almost four years ago after having done all sorts of other models since I was a kid. I was a fan of Tamiya race car models, so naturally as my kit stash grew, Tamiya armor kits formed the basis and the bulk of my stored up projects.

I didn't build my first Dragon kit until last year and wow, there is a big difference. Dragon is more highly detailed and delicate, but you really have to watch what you're doing.

It has been said to the point where it is almost a cliche that Tamiya kits "fall together" and that's true. You almost never have fit issues or have to worry about how one part installation will affect the whole project later in the build. Having a kit go together so well means your frustration is not already built up by the time you get the the sometimes daunting stage of painting and weathering.

I built the Tamiya Jagdtiger Früh last year and it was a great kit. I recommend it highly for your first AFV.

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