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Here's a photo of an Uparmored Sherman without fixing the markings:

You can see the overspray from painting over the plates. There are other photos showing the same phenomenon. And of course, once in Normandy, a lot of the markings are missing/oversprayed.

Next, here are some M8 HMC being loaded. Lots of gear on board already:

And finally, here's a load on ship, again the gear is plentiful, and there are several other shots of other Shermans with similar stowage on the glacis:

And you can see the stars are overpainted. The extra armor plates look a different color. In the D-Day/Normandy armor volume there are lots of photos of British Shermans with the 3 bar tracks.

I hope this is of some help.
By the way, the blur in the photos is added by my rushed photos. The originals are great.

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