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Sd.Kfz 7 questions

I've just started the excellent DML Sd. Kfz7. and I have a couple of questions. Were the inside of the road wheels Panzer Grau? Or were they in Rot Braun primer? And what colour was the fuel tank?
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I believe I have read somewhere that the underside of German armour was left in primer red as there's no point in camouflaging anything that the enemy isn't going to see anyway.

However, having said that, I've just checked out my WWP book on the Sdkfz7 which shows a lot of detail, and they have the (restored) vehicle, fuel tank, wheels and all, in dark yellow.

If in doubt, the inside of the wheels and the fuel tank for that matter were probably so dusty that nobody would be able to tell the colour anyway.


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