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One last example.

This is the hinged portion of the Panther fenders. It is a good example of how to fill a joint and how to clean up excess solder.

Here I have the part bend to shape:



Now, since there is a gap on the outside where the two bits were joined, I need to fill it. No duh.

For this, I don't use flux, because I want to minimize the amount of solder that is going to inevitably flow into the inside joint.

Get a liberal amount of solder on the iron, and scrape it off onto the seam.

Once this is done, the seam can be sanded smooth.

Unfortunatly, some solder had flown into the inside seam. Generally, you can just spread it out and use steel wool to clean it up, but for this I'm going to demonstrate using solder wick.

Basicaly, you want to fan out the wick like so:

this helps the wick to draw the solder. The wick should be dipped into the flux to facilitate the capilary action.

Next, and I use the 3 hand for this, hold the wick to the excess solder, and heat it up with the iron. THe wick will suck up most of the excess and what left can be dealt with steel wool. DO NOT hold the wick in your hand as it gets EXTREAMLY HOT and the solder does flow about 5-10 mm up and WILL burn you.

the finished joint:

And installed.

I hope this SBS will help all of you who are new to soldering and maybe even some of the veterans will pick up something.
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