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I'll keep an eye out for it Ropi...thanks. In honesty, I downloaded the latest WoT, and I do have to say I'm pretty pleased with it. It runs so much better than the version I used a couple years ago. Wait times are fast, gameplay works well, and it's progression is easier to understand than WT, if still being unnecessarily complicated. WT is still considerably more realistic, but WoT tanks are more fun.
That being said, I have some questions you might be able to help me with on WoT. I'd like to upgrade to a better tank...I've been using a gifted LTP for a week or so now. I have no gold, but I have about 250k in silver credits. The tank I want to purchase is about 215K, and I have an open slot available for a vehicle to purchase, but when I try to buy/research it, nothing happens. It is a T5 tank. I have not bought any tanks I have to buy a certain number of tanks of lower tiers before I can move up? I'm not sure that's correct either because come to think of it, it wont let me buy any tank of any price to fill that slot.
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