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CA is our friend...

Well I continued on the turret work today. I think I got it nailed pretty closely. It looks a tiny bit too small for me, especially sitting on the supposedly oversized hull, but all my measurements come out really close, if not dead-on.
I finished attaching the starboard-side plating on the turret and gave it an overall sanding.

After that I began designing an elaborate assembly to mate it to the hull. I wanted it to still turn, and in the end I just ended up sawing off the ring from the kit baseplate and attaching it to the bottom of my scratched turret.

Now I'm moving on to detailing the turret. I'm using some kit parts, and scratchbuilding others. For some of the kit parts I have to saw them off the Tamiya turret since they are cast in. The template I used had location marks for the hatches. I also narrowind the mantlet, which ended up being way more work than I was prepared for. I goofed when I did it and the main gun was offset, so I had to remove it completely, fill the resulting hole with CA, remeasure, drill, and apply a new assembly. In removing the old gun housing from the mantlet, it was destroyed, so I'm using plastic, CA, and filler to build the area back up and shape it back to what it should look like.

For the 8 missing inside road wheels that the Tamiya kit is missing, I'm attempting to cast my own. I've done a little resin casting in the past, but never using a plaster mold. If this doesnt work I'll get some RTV and redo it, but I thought for a little work I'd give it a shot, and I had the plaster on hand.
I made a rough box out of foam board and hot glue:

I left the road wheels on the sprues, but I bunched 6 of them together and glued the sprues together to make it more compact. I need 8, but I figure I'll make 3-5 castings anyway.

I then poured the plaster into the mold, and since my mix was somewhat stiff, I was able to press the pieces into the plaster. We'll see what happens!

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