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Yeah this Panther is becoming a project. Sigma-7 was kind enough to send me a PDF of the Sept 1990 issue of FSM which has a fantastic article by Tony Greenland about accurizing the Tamiya 35065 Panther kit. There is some great info in there about scratching a new turret, which seems to be one of the worst parts of this kit. Mr. Greenland even has a template to build a new turret.
Now whether I misunderstood Mr. Greenland's instructions, or he may use a little different method than I'm accustomed to using for scratch building, but at any rate I had extreme difficulty with assembling my turret using his template, to the extent that I scrapped the first one and started over. Most of the pieces seemed to be correct except for the back plate of the turret. The top edge of it seemed way too short in length to complete the journey to the outside corners of the turret. His article and template were not total losses by any means though; on the contrary. The basic size, shape, and construction of the turret he suggests will produce a great representation of the Panther turret I think. I just had to do some tweaking, and there is an abundance of other great info in his article.

I printed out the template (it was already scaled properly when I printed at full-size from Picasa), traced the pieces to styrene sheet, and cut them out:

My first go using the template:

Starting over I used Mr. Greenland's base template, the front plate, and roof plate. I made a new back plate using my own judgement guided by another diagram by Steve Zologa from the book Armor Conversion And Detailing Projects, also put out by FSM and Kalbach Books. From there I attached the front plate first, then the back plate, setting the proper angles for these plates (per Mr. Greenland). I then attached the roof in 2 seperate pieces, back first, set level to the bottom edge of the turret, then the front section, which has a very shallow incline from front to back. I reinforced the interior of the roof to prevent distortion using some 1/4 inch styrene tube and CA.

I then took some thinner styrene sheet (sorry...dont know what thickness) and began forming the sides of the turret, as they appear to have been on the real Panther. I cut a strip slightly oversized, trued-up the front edge where it meets the front (mantle) plate. I poured in the CA on the inside, dabbed some accelerator, then carefully bent it around the rear quarter of the turret, CA'ed it. From there it was just trimming with a knife and filing and sanding. I still need to do the other side, but the hard work is done!

The size difference is obvious here, as well as the overall inaccuracy of the shape. I trust Mr. Greenland and Mr. Zaloga's measurements more than Tamiya's, especially considering that Tony and Steve's dimensions were identical for the most part.

Thanks again sigma-7...though the template gave me fits, I couldnt have done it without it and your help!
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