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Woah woah woah... I am seeing a bit too much of the blame game around here!!

I am member #40 (old school baby!) and like many here joined up as I thought the vBench was a sweet tool to share our modeling work with.

I am 31 (yikes!), live in Washington State, USA where we have been the happy recipients of forty straight days with rain! One would think all those rainy days would be conducive to modeling but alas it is not so. I started modeling when I was about seven and quit about one day into it after nearly cutting my thumb off with our kitchen knife (uhh this was before the Tamiya sprue cutter things). I got back into it at the age of thirteen or so, then discovered that girls were changing and I liked looking at them better then modeling.

So another hiatus through college, a stint as an Abrams crewmember, and then some party years. Then I stopped by my old model shop about six years ago and picked up the DML Panzer II and had a blast. But like most around here, my stash grows a bit faster then the finished models in the cupboard.

My favs are WW II German and modern Soviet stuff. But I will build just about anything if it looks "neat". I even have some Star Wars stuff sitting around and a few Subaru rally cars. But you will never see a plane on my workbench!!
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