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Welcome aboard Jackal, hope you don't mind but I want to use your post to start a new thread where people new and old to the site can introduce themselves. Thanks, Panzerfaust.
P.S. For info on vBench, picture hosting- go to staff in News section and get admin members, get a hold of Gordy

This thread is not meant to have reply's added to someone posting their introduction. The reason I want to have it this way is so when people scoll down in the future, they can read each person's introduction without any distraction. If you wish to respond and welcome the person-do so with another of their early posts. Perhaps some of you don't agree. Trust me this can be a really cool thing when you get a few of these in a row.
Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

Hello everyone!

I've been perusing various modelling websites over the holidays and found this wonderful site! I can already see that I will be able to learn lots and lots from all of the talented modellers here! :lol:

I am a 35 year old technical writer living in Spring Hill, Tennessee (about 40 miles south of Nashville). My wife and I just had our first child three weeks ago, and I will be working from home now, so I am hoping to be able to get back into one of my favorite past-times - modelling!!

It's been almost 10 years since I was active in the hobby, so I will have to get back into the swing of things One of the things I hope to become proficient at is airbrushing and weathering - something I haven't done much of before.

If they have time, could someone please tell me how to get set up with the vBench, and how to go about posting to it? Are the pictures hosted locally?

Anyway, take care... hopefully I'll soon be able to contribute to this wonderful community!! :lol:


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