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Smile OK, you have twisted my arm!

I thought that it was built just recently as a Russian front version but I can't remember who.
Don't listen to that idiot above, he thought it was Rick Lawler and I just checked his Vbench and It wasn't.

So then I tried to back track and wipe it and I got this double post - DAH!
I had better get back to the model before I send myself back in time or something.......

James, no problemo, just didn't want to bog things down.

Robert and Axel,
thank you. Yeah that Afrika fig set has some great bits and pieces. I also plan to use a cactus or two from the Mk4E kit. VP figures are nice also but I can't use them all so I will have to be selective which will be hard.

good to hear from you. Glad you like the scene, I think it should turn out interesting.
And Dwyers moved into a new Villa......'bout time he got off his arse and did some modelling don't you think!
plastic Nymphomaniac

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