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Versuchsflakwagen 8.8cm Flak auf Sonderfahrgestell

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I bought two of these outstanding kits. One to build the Flak 41 and one to convert to the Flak 36/37.

Flak 41

Flak 37

I built the 41 first:

For the 37 conversion I also bought the DML Flak 37 kit. This was done well before the Bronco 37 kit was released.

The travel lock and gun base from the second 41 kit were modified for use in the building of the 37.

Both are now ready for weathering.

Three prototypes were built but only one with the Flak 37 was sent to Italy for battlefield testing where it was reported to have performed well.
It's not known as to what paint scheme was used so I painted mine with a common camo scheme for that AO.

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