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long overdue update....

Guys it's been ages since I touched a model. No reason in particular just didn't have the will to work on anything the last few months. Anyway, I got the itch a few weeks ago so I started planning my paint scheme on this one. I went with a standard DB scheme and did the best I could with it. I didn't want to mask it and make it hard edged so it's partially drawn on with pencil and painted over and partially just freehanded from some mock ups a drew out on paper. It's not perfect but it looks the part to my eye. Let me know what you guys think. Also my first attempted use of the AK Interactive paints so if anyone is interested in the colors or my opinion on their paint just pipe up and I'll be happy to comment. Still a few things to touch up here and there and then some tape off demarcations on a few panels but it's close to time to put away the airbrush for a while which is always a good thing....

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