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Originally posted by Vadster@Jan 23 2006, 09:32 PM
No need to apologize! I had found their site, but was wanting to get something on-line vs. calling, faxing, or sending something via email. I will more than likely go to them in the near future though.

thanks for your help!
Hi Alex,

I know what you mean...But, you know, here in Italy we do not have all the resources you got overthere so sometimes I have to pass through quite annoying purchasing procedures if I really want something!!! I did it also for World War II Productions resin tracks from Australia: I couldn't find any internet seller so I had to place an order directly with them by Fax...I had to send also my credit card number in four separate emails to keep the details safe!



I believe it is all Ebay's fault...We all got the bad habit to purchase almost everything with just the famous "one click"
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