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Originally Posted by schlichtr View Post
The Americans called it the King Tiger because that was the English translation of the German name given the tank, Konigstiger. Also the Panther II and Tiger II were to share as many componants as possible during construction but since the Panther II never went into production that never happened. They were to have the same transmission, final drives, engine, road wheels, and the tracks for the Panther II were the transport tracks for the Tiger II. Although the Tiger II was a big bad tank it never really proved it's value due to it being very expensive and highly unreliable. Did it have shock value, yes but it didn't last very long as most of the Tiger II encounted by the allies were broken down ones.


As far as I know the Germans called it only Tiger II, until they heard the Americans were calling it King/Royal that's a tricky one... which was first, the egg or the chicken?
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