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I'll check into again but I think they were done in a variety of ways. There were the bolted cut out plates, welded cut out plates and the full thicker plates depending on when and who produced it. I think the welded/bolted on 30 mm plates went away around June 43 at the same time as the hull side vision ports were deleted........ but I wouldn't call this a late H yet...... Here is a pic that I was sent by someone over at ML and who posts here as well of a preserved G/H. You can see the hull sides are welded to the transmission cover straight without any interlocking joints (later feature) and also that the front hull side extensions do not protrude past the front plate as it would with a later version with the 80 mm plate (ie: the dragon late H kit). That said, the front plate is the thick singular 80 mm plate with the towing .brackets welded to it. This appears to be an example of what I'm trying to portray.

The term "early" or "late" is a bit of a gray area as we know and I could certainly be wrong. I've been talking with Tom Cockle and others about this very issue for a while trying to be sure that I get it right so I'll certainly try to verify it as best I can before I move forward too much.
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