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Trying to get up and going on this and I'm in a bit of a rut. Trying to answer the following question. So the hulls on the early H's were pretty much modified G's. I have cleaned up all of the front hull parts (hull extensions, front plate, transmission cover, etc.) but i'm having a problem. H's had a variety of different uparmored front plates with the later interlocking welded 80mm plates, the bolted on ones, the partial welded plat with cut outs for the towing hooks and then the full welded on plates. I'm trying to find a reference for the full welded on 30 mm plate to see how it is attached, the width, etc. and I am coming up empty. I do know that adding thickness will cause the plate to stick out past the hull side extensions which seems a bit odd but I'm certain this was done I just don't know exactly how or what it looked like. Anyone have a pic where this mod is clearly visible? If I could get that part sorted I could move on and actually make some progress but I'm stuck until I figure this out. Tom Cockle has said that I should use the G hull parts like I mentioned and just add a .020 sheet of styrene to represent the added 30 mm.. Only problem is, I don't know what it should look like on the ends where it meets and hangs out past the hull sides. The other types of plates are not as wide as the front plate and you can see the welds but I'm not sure the full plates were done this way....... Any help, I'm out of resources to tap guys. Thanks
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