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Originally Posted by panzerjager View Post
Yes, Laurente, It seems strange to me too, I really don't know if a StuH may be act as command vehicle, but I suppose it did. Maybe it was another mistake of Dragon (remember our discussion about those mistakes: ) I suppose Dragon based in 304 tank

And, again, I supposse the cupola is not rotative, because my model is a mid production vehicle. Do you find any mistake in this point? Just let me know, please!


No problem with the cupola but the Befels StuH seems very odd to me. Dragon never realy took care of that as they simply took the interior of the StuG g and put it there so just as their StuG G is a command tank then this one ends up beeing one.
I still do not know for sure but there were only 3 Befehls StuGs in the entire StuG Abt and the K.St.N. of the time (44) seems to expressly name them as StuG L/48. Now I found another information but as it comes along with strange and silly facts I do not really trust them at this very moment. Stay tuned.