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Sturmi Marjatta WIP.

Hello Fellows!

Heres my Sturmi in progress but I have a few questions that I hope your Finnish friends could help me with.

1. Should this box be removed when Im adding the new storage box?
2. Were both antennas used on this vehicle and was it the longer german type?
3. Did the Finns have sparetracks here as the Germans had?

4. Should I add a bit of tarp here as protective?

5. I could really use a picture of the DT machine gun mount especially with the gun mounted? And were the shell catching bag attached in combat?

6. I dont think I understand how the cupola is supposed to be, even after reading the post here:

I understand that the scissorscope should be attached to the upper flat ring. But what did the mount look like and how should the hatch be positioned?

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