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Hi Marco,

yes, it's quite a lot. I hope I can handle it all well. The interior will be the biggest problem.

Here's a very little update.

I put on a little Zimmerit on the tool box. I'll stick with the acrylic putty, I decided now. Although it looses structure and looks better when still a little wet, the primer (Tamiya Surfacer Super Fine Light Grey spray can) shows that it's good. With all the paint it will even look better.

I should have pressed the "X" in before I added the Zimmerit because the tool box cover has now a light bulge which can't be treated without destryoing the Zim, but it's not too bad because it's not a big one and the box will be open. So it does not need to line up with the actual box.
The sprocket is just to show you guys how big or small the Zimmerit stripes are.

Misses modelling.

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