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well when I got back into modelling back in the early '90's I was really interested in doing replicas of vehicles related to Space Exploration. I have always had a big interest in this stuff going back to when I was just a kid getting up at 3 AM or so to watch the Apollo programs visits to the Moon.
This then transformed into digging into the origins of the technology of rocketry through representation in models. As this thread of interest continued I got into rocket planes, early jets and then for some reason, (the opportunity to do weathering) I took a left hand turn into armour. Prior to this I went through a phase about the Thunder Birds where I believe some of the drive to weather my tank models was inspired by some reading I did on the model maker who worked with Gerry Anderson on those funky T.V. Shows of the Sixties and Seventies that I grew up on.
Some more from the box top scans from finished and built kits.
Oh and some music


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