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Originally Posted by Stuke Sowle View Post
I'm curious, did all of the C/D's have the tracks on the hull sides? Wondering if I need to add them.

Well Stuke, when it comes to Stugs the best way to go its with photos of them.
I've seen spare tracks on the sides, on top, on the front, in the rear, over the stug and in every place in between!

Originally Posted by Sturmmann View Post
Nice to see you working on something new Ruben. Is vacation time over for all of us?
Yes, it is!!

Originally Posted by RickLawler View Post
Well, it's about time!!!!

Great to see a post from you, Ruben. I was begining to think that the island had sank or something!!!! Yes Dave, the vacation (or whatever your excuses Ya right! ) is over.

It almost sank when Dave told us about the wedding but we managed to get on our feet again!!

Originally Posted by Flak View Post
Nice start...Ruben
Thanks Flak.

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