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Well I for one do not hold you alone responsible for the decline of this site ....if anything the opposite. I commend you for trying to keep it going. While I agree that Alex was, for a time, the force behind this site. He was almost a fatherly figure to many of us, always full of encouragement and had a nurturing way. He was also a tremendously talented modeler and artist, and a huge source of inspiration for me.
One man alone can't bare the entire weight of a site/project/entity such as Planet Armor, nor should he. It is, by nature of being an open forum, a community, and therefore reliant upon the participation of it's members for success and survival. The members are the forum. As we seem to be witnessing, without involvement from the members the site will wither and die. I hope this is not the fate of PA, and if it is , then Jim is not to blame here. The membership is.
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