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Like most sites there needs to be some members or admins who are the driving force behind a site. When Alex took over the site he was that guy for a while, but since I acquired the site it has slid downhill in terms of activity. I accept the blame for that however I am just the 'tech' enabler here much like I am for Armorama/KitMaker. This site is here for you guys to use as a resource/community and unless people interact there is not much of a site, etc.

That said many forums have been hit pretty hard by the 'new age' of Facebook. I think it's sort of a shame really because while there are MANY people on this forum browsing past blogs and posts, who is on Facebook looking at 3 year old posts? Yeah... it's not so great at that.

FYI I am considering a forum update for this site which would allow much easier blog and photo posting. I would be a lot more inclined to spend money on the site though (about $250 for that update) if there was some leadership/moderators that wanted to try to restart the engines so-to-speak.

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