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tankette AMPS Centex 2009

The AMPS Centex South Central Region Show will be held October 24th, 2009 at the Dr. John's Sports Center in Cedar Park, Texas. This will be our biggest show yet, and the vendor list is growing and we always have the Best door prizes in Texas!

The show theme is "Armor in Foreign Services". Any vehicle or artillery piece used by a country that didnít manufacture it can be eligible to participate for the theme award. Some examples of Armor in Foreign Services would be captured vehicles, World War II Lend-Lease Stuart, Grant, Lee, and Sherman tanks. Another example would be NATO or Warsaw Pact equipment shared with member countries. Another good example would be Israeli armor from the US, UK, France, and Russia. These entries would all be qualified to compete for the theme award.

A special thank you to the renowned Armor artist Jody Harmon for his continued support of our club and hobby! Mr. Harmon has graciously donated the use of some his artwork for our show. Please fill free to visit Mr. Harmon's website to purchase the finest Military Art in the world (

Please visit the show webpage for more information:


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