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A hoy-hoy...I'm # 481 and I joined in March 05...

[Edit: I'm no longer the youngest one here.]

I got into modelling initially because of my dad...I've always had an aptitude for assembling things...I can't count how many times in my life I've assembled gas powered BBQs (or any thing that has the ability to explode) for the neighbors or whoever because I 'volunteered' to do so lol...I've gone through the Lego and K'nex thing and building models was an eventuality (cuz I loves history! lol)....

Building 1/35 scale stuff came about for me in Junior High, mainly because of my history teacher that I had for 2 years (no I didn't fail his class...I actually never even fell below 110% in either of his classes lol) Jody Beltram....We started up a model club (the spark that started my collision course into this hobby lol) and there I met some fellas that would become my bestfriends, Tyler and Gibran, who, unlike me, build everything else that's not Axis affilated lol...ya cheeky b*st**ds lol

Entering High school, my interest declined in it...though I collected DML dollys (I'm not real proud admitting that lol)...When I got a car, it opened the window of possibilities again and I got back into it...though in moderation for the most (and someone special ) keep me away from it...damit (the school part that is lol)

I'm preparing to graduate from high school in May and attending ASU (Arizona State University) this fall...that may mean no more modelling for a while though
(Like I even have the luxury of that time in the evening...I mean, it helps me to relax because that's my 'me' time...)

I'm into Axis stuff in the Mediterranean theather, along with whatever else suits my fancy
...I'm a KA by God!
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