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Thumbs up suspension etc.

Next up suspension.


Watch the end cap as it is a bit fiddly. There were two different ones - one had a small tooth wich just seemed to make it harder - so I filed these off and treated them all the same. Nice texture on the ends. I used the tweezers to line it up.
I still need to do a bit more cleaning up on these parts.
I did the other eight sets and hated every minute of it. Nothing artistic about suspension arms. I said I wouldn't , but I might just add a touch more detail to those leaf spring assemblies as they will be very visable on the side .

Next was the wheels and I must say i love wheels because they are easy to file and if they have hard rubber surrounds you get to be creative. I have attached a nice ref pic from Flak's build that shows the seams still on the tires, so you don't need to take them off completely-just soften them up a bit.

I softened my seams off a bit and then gave them a work over to simulate a well used vehicle that has been operating in Rocky and course dry terrain for a number of months.

The spare I obviously left alone and will clean-up later.
These are magnified so remember the damage does not look as harsh when looked at in normal scale. I also had a try at taking off the L on CONTINENTAU but will need to go back over a few for a second pass now that I have viewed the shots.
I have found the Super macro on my camera to be one of the best checks on construction as when I go back and view the close ups I always spot stuff that I missed or just need to do better.

Ok, thats all the wheels done . I will now do some work on texturing the front plate.

I added some scratches to the frontal armor as well as some small arms hits. These will get some light sanding - I added these as i figured that some of the dips and holes that the DAK forces had to cross in the desert would have had some impact on the lower frontal plates.
I have added the rear plate and finished off the suspension. The shot below just shows where I am up to and the tools used so far. To distinguish the two scapels I add a red band to the sharp new bladed one and leave the one I used for glue and such plain. I keep a lot of my old blades just for this role and throw them once they are full of glue.
I have to go for Xmas dinner so happy Xmas to all and I will see you again soon.
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