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Moving on to the tank itself there has been several discussions whether this is an H or a J. None of the really distinguishabel features are showing so from the experts I've heard that it could be this or that. I opt for the J since that means I can use the 1:48 Tamiya kit OOB. Well, I got the Voyager set for it which lead to a Turm Schürtzen Zimmerit discussion but I've settled that by adding the zimmerit already. A decision was needed. A few more in progress pics:

Gizmology. Say goodbye to an old Tamiya 1:35 Harley Davidson:

A feel of what the dio's going to look like.

It will be a very simple one, with just a couple of figures added. I was a bit worried about the position of the tank itself but then this picture appeared over on M-L. Not sure of the source.

After this I've added some PE zimmerit and other stuff. Drilled out all the holes in the track guide teeth.
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